Privacy Policy

By using our Service, you are agreeing to these Terms. We may modify these Terms without any prior notice.

Only strictly needed information

We collect only strictly necessary information: your photo and email address (to send the result photo to and to identify your order during support communication).

Your photographs

You retain ownership of any intellectual property rights that you hold in your photographs.

We do not give away, sell or otherwise transfer your photo images to any third party, except for cases when you explicitly order printing out your photos. We do not use your photographs in advertising or any other marketing activities.

Cookie policy

We store one first party cookie on your browser - your session ID, it is needed to match your session with the image(s) you uploaded and the result that we present to you, also to handle your order and payment.

Also we use Google Analytics to track site visits without any personal information being transferred, Google Analytics stores some cookies on your system as well. We turned off all features of Google Analytics that can possibly collect personal information, including Demographics and Interest Reports, Users Metric in Reporting, Advertising Reporting Features and User-ID feature. We also turned off any data sharing in Google Analytics.

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